Music is a Time Machine

It really hit me when George Michael passed away a couple of weeks ago. Like many people, I was a major fan of his music. However, it also hit close to home because his music is so closely related to my upbringing. Like a smell that can bring you back in time, George Michael's music is a time machine to my early days. As I sit and reflect on this, I realize this may seem odd to people. I was born in 1982 and was only five years old when Faith debuted. Nevertheless, his music and a plethora of other eclectic artists and musicians provided the soundtrack of my youth . You see, mine was not a typical childhood. My parents, both music lovers, never played me "kiddie songs". My mother loved the latest pop music and classic rock and my father, an amateur musician, was a fervent fan of all musical genres. So, I was unaware of the likes of Raffi* and when my peers were listening to things like Animal Crackers in My Soup and Baby Beluga, I was listening to the likes of Jethro Tull, Otis Redding and Elvis. The music my parents had me listen to helped lay the foundation for my own music obsession and helped to shape my musical worldview. With this in mind, I've curated a playlist that brings me back to my childhood days. I hope you enjoy!

* I was later introduced to Raffi's music and I am obsessed! Love him and all of his creations!

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