The George Before Me


“My name is George. I’m named after my grandpa. He was the George Before Me…”


George never met his grandpa, but his Mommy says he was a special man with twinkle eyes and a honey laugh. George learns he inherited Grandpa's love of gardening. Through this common interest young George is able to foster an inexplicable closeness with his grandfather, which leaves him feeling both comforted and full of pride.

THE GEORGE BEFORE ME is a moving yet subtle tale that explores familial bonds and the importance of keeping a loved one’s memory alive -- a simple approach to loss that will leave readers feeling comforted and inspired.

THE GEORGE BEFORE ME was inspired by the author's own grandfather, George. Learn about him here.

Moxie The Robot Girl


MOXIE THE ROBOT GIRL is a series of stories about a young robot named Moxie who moves to an all human town. It chronicles all of her adventures, the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the added struggles that come with being a robot. It also explores the importance of friendships.


MOXIE THE ROBOT GIRL is available on the Bedtime Stories App now!

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