Jessica Carnevale Forcier is the author of The George Before Me and the Moxie the Robot Girl series (Bedtime Stories- Read & Tell).

    Jessica has been a writer for as long as she can remember and one of her earliest memories is writing a story about an opera singing thief. It became a family favorite, and solidified her passion for writing. 

    As an adult, she continues to entertain audiences with spunky characters and memorable tales. It is her sole mission to take nuggets of the human experience and weave them into engaging stories that leave readers both entertained and inspired. 


    Jessica lives in Rhode Island with her husband and three kids. She is feverishly at work on several more children’s manuscripts. You can follow her on Twitter @kidslitRI


    Jessica's song writing approach is to shine a spotlight on the skeletons in your closet and the heartaches that haunt your soul. Each lyric sounds as if it was ripped from a page out of a secret diary. Always relatable and certainly unforgettable.


    A lifelong poet and music lover, Jessica only recently began her foray in lyric writing. She received Honorable Mention in her first ever song writing competition, and two of her songs achieved semi-finalist status in the International Songwriting Competition. Jessica's song Accidental Lie was a finalist.  


    Jessica loves the ocean, sipping sangria from mason jars and the fading art of creating mix cd’s. She's a sucker for "quirky" humor. Julia Donaldson, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Grandpa George are her idols. She is a "super recognizer" (it's a thing) and she proudly considers herself a pop culture aficionado. Most importantly, Jessica is a fervent believer in following your dreams.

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